We have built for you the program we had wished to be offered ourselves when we took leadership courses. Hands-on, and pointing out the actual obstacles to successful leadership and how to overcome them.

The registration deadline has expired.

I would just like to listen to some of the talks

Provided capacity, we will provide the opportunity to just follow selected talks.

Your registration as a GUEST is valid from October 13th (Tuesday) from 10.45 to 14.00, and on October 14th (Wednesday) from 9.00 to 14.30. The other parts are only open to registered full attendees.

The link to the online conference session will be password-protected. We therefore ask you to please register as a GUEST with your name, email, affiliation and email address (put “GUEST” in all other fields) so that we can provide you with a password for joining the talk sessions.

Note that the guest registration will not allow you to listen in on the trainings on day 1. It also will not be possible to participate in the quick business challenges on day 2 for those who just listen in.

Full workshop attendance conditions – DEADLINE EXPIRED

Spots that allow you access to one of the trainings and to the networking opportunities during the quick business challenges are limited due to the interactive nature of the workshop.

Registration for these spots will proceed first-come first-served. Use the registration form below and fill in all sections as explained for your attendee category (young researcher from UZH OEC Faculty or business attendee).

We are asking for your postal address to ship a goodie package to you before the workshop. Please provide an address at which mail will reach you at the beginning of October.

Business attendees

We highly value your contributions of examples on management and leadership challenges, and look forward to fruitful discussions and insights for best practices.

To sign you up for the core workshop group as a participant, we ask you to propose a small business challenge on which you would like the input of early career researchers (PhD students or Postdocs) from business, economics, finance or informatics.

The question(s) should fit into a “Lean Coffee” format, i.e. they should be useful to address within max. 30 minutes of structured discussion that looks either for
_ co-creation of leads to a possible solution
_ information on the question
_ or provide answers and best practices you’d like to share.

To facilitate the matching with the early career researchers, please state fields and topics of interest in the registration form below.

PhD and Postdoc Researchers of the UZH Department of Business, Economics and Informatics

To facilitate networking and getting a more in-depth picture of current questions in several industries, we will organize a „quick business challenge“, in which you will be matched with an attendee from a company and can together solve a question on which they would like to hear your opinion as a young scientist.

To match topics for networking as best we can, we ask you to please state your fields and topics of interest in the registration form below.

Registration deadline for participating in the trainings and business challenges

DEADLINE EXPIRED – October 4, 2020

Registration deadline for guests who listen in on the talks only

DEADLINE EXPIRED – October 9, 2020

Registration form

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