Business Challenge Partners

Nils Aggett

Nils Aggett ist Head of Retirement Foundation Services at UBS and President of the Verein Vorsorge Schweiz which is a  industrial association representing the 3rd Pillar and Vested Benefit Foundations of Banks, Insurances and independent providers.

Eduardo Aponte

After his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the ETH Zürich, Eduardo is currently working as postdoctoral scientist in Neurocognitive and Digital Biomarkers at Roche Neuroscience and Rare Diseases in Basel.

Heidi E. Bodenmann

After completing her studies in Psychology and her PhD in Economics at the Human Resource chair of University of Zurich, Heidi worked as an organizational change expert at Generali Switzerland and from November 2020 on will be Head Organizational Health, Diversity and Inclusion at Migros Genossenschaftsbund.

Roberto Brega

Roberto Brega is the managing director of OneOverZero, a software engineering studio based in Zurich. Roberto and his colleagues have helped companies use information technology to create new products, reach new clients, catch new opportunities. Their contributions have been awarded with the Schweizer Logistik-Preis (SGL), European Award for Logistics Excellence (ELA), the Swiss Technology Award (STA), the Credit Suisse CIO Award. Roberto holds an ETH Master Degree in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Robotics; He authored a dozen papers on real-time systems, and for some strange reasons he holds a patent on a speed/traffic measurement device. 

Afsoon Ebrahimi

Afsoon is interested in many body interacting systems. She has studied those system using statistical quantum mechanics in strongly correlated electronic systems and using game theory in elections and representative democracies. After her Master’s at EPFL Lausanne and her PhD ad ETH Zürich she is currently working on data science strategy topics at AXA where she combines her background in physics and economics to implement data-driven solutions to complex problems in insurance.

Luca Gambini

Luca Gambini is Director of Business Partner and Project
Management department in Sunrise, the largest private Telco
operator in Switzerland and he is an Agile expert, currently
leading the Agile Transformation Programme of the company.
He has more than 15 years of experience in the
Telecommunication industry, developed in different countries
in Europe and Emerging Markets (Eastern Europe and Middle
East). He is also a pioneer on new technologies like 5G and
eSim. He is regularly invited as speaker and guest lecturer in different Italian Universities, while in Switzerland he collaborates with the “École polytechnique fédérale – EPFL” of Lausanne, during the
“Management of Innovation” course. In 2020 he has been selected as expert adviser at the “Open Innovation” module of the “London School of Economics – LSE”.
He holds a degree in Business Administration from the
University of Pisa.

Beat Meier

After his PhD at the Faculty of Business at University of Zurich, Beat is currently assistant to the CEO of Stadler Rheintal AG.

Matthias Staib

After his bachelor and master’s in Cognitive Science and PhD in Neurobiology at University of Zurich, Matthias is currently working as Data Scientist in Balzano AG, where he works on predicting pathologies from medical imaging with machine learning models

Daniel Temperli

Daniel Temperli is the current head of Ecosystem Life & Health of AXA Switzerland. Deeply interested in all technologies enabling Digital Transformation, especially Blockchain, he holds a Master’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of Plymouth and a CAS in Digital Transformation from HSG St.Gallen.

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