Day 1

The individual view



Online Coffee + Virtual Team Building

Meet and greet with all attendees



Getting started with Day 1


Short Break



Introduction to Day 1

The challenge of self-management in a digitalizing world

Dr. Silvia Maier
University of Zurich, Department of Economics

on self-regulation of emotions and stress, and resilience factors that enable individuals to achieve long-term priorities and goals



Digital Transformation needs Inner Innovation

Dr. Joana Breidenbach
Founder of and Godmother of Betterplace Lab, Berlin

on why change of organizations starts with the individual, and which challenges her organization and its members faced when introducing a self-governance model

11:30 Q&A with Joana Breidenbach



Leadership Skills in the Digital Economy

Dr. Anna Deréky, ETH Zurich, Department of Management, Technology and Economics, Technology and Innovation Management


Lunch Break (by yourself)



Flash Talk

Selecting the leaders of tomorrow

Dr. Anna Luca Heimann
University of Zurich, Work and Organizational Psychology

on how to assess and recruit talented leaders who can leverage skills of a team of experts, and how people can grow into these roles that require situationally adaptive leadership

13:15 Q&A with Anna Luca Heimann


Flash Talk

Leadership development in a digital world

Paul Jokiel
Vice President Human Resources at Hilti, Schaan / Liechtenstein

13:45 Q&A with Paul Jokiel


Short Break



Workshop Tracks

Parallel breakout sessions:

  • Workshop 1: Radical Collaboration® – mind and skillsets for building truly constructive working environments
    Arne Reis
    Agile Coach and Radical Collaboration® Trainer, Berlin

    on how leaders and individual contributors can lay the foundation for successful collaboration and psychological safety in teams by fostering openness, self-accountability and awareness of self and others. Examples from the participants’ working environments will serve to discuss how to notice what types of interpersonal and organizational dynamics you currently find yourself in. 
  • Workshop 2: Transformation by Design – leveraging Design Thinking to solve complex problems
    Dr. Iana Kouris
    Associate Director | Heading Design & Engineering Berlin at BCG Platinion (Former Design Lead Nokia & Nokia Bell Laboratories)

    on leveraging a variety of Design and Design Thinking methods to solve complex problems
  • Workshop 3: Scenario Thinking – How to envision and promote change in complex systems
    Dr. Vera Cahlenbuhr
    BlueMarble, Zurich

    on how to build scenarios for analysis, how to identify leverage points, and how to get a feel for time scales at which different scenarios evolve


Coffee Break




Sharing insights of the workshops with all attendees



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