Managing and Leading
in the Digital Economy

Why join?

Digitalisation has changed the way we do business, manage and lead. More and more, we need to leverage individual expertise in order to gain a competitive edge. We need to create knowledge and solutions for ill-structured problems, and make decisions with very limited knowledge. It is hard to assess the productivity of individuals, which can be a challenge to both themselves and the organization they are part of.

Moreover, roles have become more versatile: Somebody may be a team lead in one project, and an expert contributor in another. Hence, in the digital economy, almost every member of an organization will need to build skills that we only ascribed to managers and leaders in the past.

In today’s digital economy, qualified experts need to be able to manage and lead themselves, their projects, and other humans, and be versatile in taking different roles in different teams as needed.

Our workshop will outline success factors from the perspective of the individual and the organization. We aim to equip attendees with a mental map of what it will take them to succeed in the digital economy. All attendees learn to identify growth points and techniques to master continuous development of skills and processes from the individual and organizational perspective.


October 13 & 14, 2020


ZOOM (University of Zurich)

Who can take part?

PhD and Postdoctoral Researchers from the UZH Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics will mix with attendees from the business world. The number of seats is limited so that everyone gets the most out of the interactive, hands-on program that fosters the exchange of ideas and best practices.